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The Villa On The Bay is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy all the pleasures of the Caribbean sea, overlooking what author James A. Michener once described as “the most beautiful bay in the Caribbean”, St. Lucia’s Marigot Bay… For more photos of The Villa On The Bay, just click HERE

Jungle Biking Tour

Whether you are a novice or experienced rider, Jungle Biking is an exciting and enjoyable adventure experience! After the initial familiarization tour with their knowledgeable bike guides, guests ride at their own pace on nine trails through the lush jungle on high-tech Cannondale mountain bikes. The scenic trails include beginner, intermediate, and advanced tracks that you ride as little or as much as you want.

Explore the 18th century ruins of one of the island’s earliest French Colonial plantations, bike among the thousands of fruit trees, hunt for wild orchids, find your own secluded romantic spot or cool off in an old-fashioned swimming hole. The time is yours to create your own exciting adventure.

And don’t forget your swim wear as the tour also includes marine park snorkelling. Closed-toed shoes are required. For enthusiasts, clipless pedals and shoes are available.

The Jungle Biking tour includes bicycle, helmet and complimentary water bottle, snorkeling equipment, beach amenities and their plantation buffet lunch. Phone: 459-7755

Hiking and Bird Watching

Located in the island’s central Rain Forest belt, the Millet Trail is home to a wide variety of bird species which can be seen and heard from high up in the canopy.

The half-hour drive to the start of the trail will take you through the well know Roseau Valley with its acres of banana fields, Canaries and Sarrot. The walk begins at Tete Chemin in Millet.

The Range is now strictly geared to conservation. Littered with cocoa and nutmeg trees, breadfruit, mangoes and a few citrus trees, from previous cultivation, reforestation was enhanced with the fast growing Blue Mahaut, as well as Mahogany and the Flaming Immortelle tree. Other tree species include the l’Encens (Incense) and Poix Dioux – a delicacy for the St. Lucia parrot, whose numbers now stand at a healthy 800 scattered throughout the six forest ranges.

A few yards after the start of the trail is a medicine garden which displays various local herbs and their curative uses from common coughs and colds to nerve problems and intestinal ills.

The approximately 2-mile loop trail which ascends to more than 1,000 feet above sea level, offers fantastic sights of Piton Flore to the North and the Soufrière mountain range to the West.

A number of respoints along the walk also treat you to bird’s eye views of the largest and most modern water catchment facility in the Caribbean – the Roseau Dam, over 300 feet deep and holding 700 million gallons of fresh water.

During the two hours of walking you will also get numerous opportunities to see some of the island’s rarest birds (St. Lucia Orioles, Mockingbirds, Tyrants, Hummingbirds, Bananaquits, etc…) including the world famous Amazona Versicolor (the St. Lucian parrot indigenous to the island).

Feeding stations lining the trail encourage the birds to drop in, sometimes only an arm’s length away and you can have a closer look. Tour can be arranged through the Forestry Department at 451-1691 – 519-0787.

Rainforest Sky Rides

Immerse yourself in the rainforest. Nurtured by warm, gentle rains and rich volcanic soils, St. Lucia’s forests have achieved a state of sublime ancient majesty.

The Rain Forest Sky Rides’ gondolas safely glide through and over the treetops, where knotted, twisting woody vines wind to the tops of old-growth rainforest trees.

Dense vegetation merge with cascades of flowers. Lavender stars, orange bursts, yellow berries and white lace thrive on the branches of fragrant flowering trees. Giant Chatannier and Gommier trees tower over the landscape.

St Lucia is one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean. The island is well known for its lush green vegetation-covered mountain. 35 % of St Lucia is natural forest of which 15% is protected by law.

The combination of high rain fall, warm tropical temperatures and young volcanic soils support luxuriant growth of the tropical vegetation seen in St Lucia.

Rainforest Sky Rides Park offer visitors the unique opportunity to gain a birds eye view of St. Lucia’s beautiful and verdant rainforests – a ‘must do’ on any visit to the island!

You float into the air up to 125 feet above the ground, passing through and over the rainforest canopy and are treated to breathtaking panoramic views. Phone: 458-5151 or 461-5151

Treetop Ziplining Adventure4 canopy

Experience the exhilaration of a world-class zipline in the Caribbean.

Zipping through the treetops in the middle of the tropical rainforest delivers a rush that would leave even Tarzan breathless!!!

Trained guides take you on the ride on your life on a course designed for maximum thrill and exposure to the best views of the rainforest.

Named ‘Best Zipline in the Caribbean’ by ShoreTrips, this ride has 12 lines, including the St. Lucia’s longest and highest.

Fly among the high rain forest trees such as Gommier and Chatannier with great views of the north of the Atlantic Ocean. Phones: 458-0908 or 724-7256

Hiking Gros Piton

Among all of St. Lucia’s natural wonders the Pitons in Soufrière rate as the most remarkable, and certainly most mysterious.

Jutting straight from the sea, these twin volcanic cones were once treated as gods by St. Lucia’s first settlers, the Amerindians, and since then, their undeniable allure has continued to attract visitors from around the world.

For those into hiking and climbing, the vegetation covered slopes of the taller, but less severe, Gros Piton already accommodate an official trail to the summit accessed through the village of Fond Gens Libre and managed jointly by the village and the Forestry Department.

The trail is well defined, suitable for those of average fitness, and there are plenty of trained guides (Jimmy is one of them: 489-0136) ready to assist you along the way.

Here is a photo of former guests Chris and Kaydi on top of Gros Piton – at the back, Petit Piton!

A Few Things that Await You at The Villa On The Bay

What a Place!!! What a View!!! What a Deal!!! This Villa On The Bay is truly a different holiday experience: affordable, comfortable, peaceful, quiet, unfussy and unpretentious…. Far away from expensive luxury villas and anonymous all-inclusive resorts. A unique and off-the-beaten-path to stay. We’ll be back!!!     Tom, Sue… and the family! New York, July 2017