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The Villa On The Bay is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy all the pleasures of the Caribbean sea, overlooking what author James A. Michener once described as “the most beautiful bay in the Caribbean”, St. Lucia’s Marigot Bay… For more photos of The Villa On The Bay, just click HERE

Our Water-Taxi Beach Hopping Tour!

St. Lucia’s natural beauty on land, is mirrored many time over under the sea within easy reach with just a mask, snorkel and fins.

Our private water taxi (for you, your friends or your family!) will whisk you down the coast in thirty minutes to the St. Lucia’s Marine Reserve.

Sugar Beach, Anse Chastanet, Anse Mamin, Anse Couchon… some of the Caribbean’s most beautiful coral reefs are waiting for you just a few feet from the beach.

Your snorkelling gear is included in the package and our friendly water taxi driver will make sure everything fits you correctly.

Once you’ve set foot into the warm Caribbean water, don’t be surprised if the multi-colored fish think you are one of them. Fishing has been restricted for many years and the tropical fish have gotten so used to swimmers, some will even eat out of your hand.

Don’t hesitate to check the many guide books for all the bright, bizarre, odd shaped and funny looking species you’re sure to see!!!

Your Own Private Snorkeling Area in front of The Villa!!!

Many Thanks to Patrick and Annie for walking our new pathway of 300 steps to the crystal snorkelling waters of Marigot Bay!

St. Lucia, Dive in paradise!

Come explore ghostly wrecks or linger amongst the endless array of tropical fish. From shallow multicolored reefs surrounded by turquoise waters to the thrill of drop-offs into the deep blue, St. Lucia has a dive for you.

Beginners and die-hard divers alike, will find our PADI Diving Center the perfect choice for a dive vacation with daily trips to the marine sanctuaries of Anse Chastanet.

St. Lucia’s crystal waters offers a wide variety of dive sites to suit every diver’s ability and desire. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite locations.

Situated across Soufriere Bay from the Pitons, the Pinnacles are one of the Caribbean’s most magnificent underwater experiences. Four spectacular natural monuments rising dramatically from 300 feet below to within several feet of the surface. A closer look reveals a profusion of black and orange Gorgonians, Venus sea fans and coral of an endless variety, all home to Butterfly fish, Damselfish, Filefish and Seashores while the deeper waters offers a glimpse of lightning fast Jacks and the solitary Barracuda.

At the foot of the majestic Petit Piton, is a no less majestic wall disappearing dramatically a thousand feet below. Here you’ll find Sea Whips, huge Brain Coral, not to mention the brightly colored Parrotfish and schools of Snappers. Strong currents can make this a swift drift and you’ll understand that we call it Superman’s Flight not just because they shot Superman II in this location.

Lying upright, near Anse Cochon, in 60 feet of water so clear you can spot from the surface, is the Lesleen M, a 165-foot freighter scuttled in 1986. Today this wreck has become a glorious artificial reef entirely covered in a profusion of soft corals, hydroids and sponges. In addition, the fish here are very tame and will readily approach divers. Discover how an old ship can turn into an ideal habitat for delicate juvenile fish, French Angel Fish and schools of bright red Squirrelfish. The brave can explore the ship’s main deck and workshop and even some darker corners in complete safety. You’ll find some very large lobsters and crabs, and even an enormous resident Green Moray eel…

Not far from the Lesleen M is the ever popular Anse la Raye reef. Starting at the edge of a sandy beach, this gently sloping reef is home to iridescent vase sponges, huge barrel sponges and bushy soft corals. It also provides an ideal location for photographing a wide array of tropical fish including Bermuda Chubs eating bread out of your hand. The fish watcher will enjoy the Spotted Drums and funny looking Red lip Blenny hiding amongst the coral, the needle fish skimming just below the surface, the well camouflaged Spotted Scorpion fish and the chameleon flounder. Now, was that a Nassau grouper or a yellow mouth grouper…

Also located close to the wreck is Virgin’s Cove, a semi-circular reef wall, with a sandy bottom 45 to 55 feet below. The cove is notable for its plethora of barrel sponges, unusual Spotted Drum’s, and Golden Spotted eels. You will also see a variety of Sea Slugs, and a profusion of plate coral. If the current permits, you can explore the northern end where a gently sloping wall descends to a depth of more than 75 feet. Now imagine all of this at night with a moon so bright you can see the bottom!

Near Anse La Raye village, The Wall is one of the finest drift dives in St. Lucia. A strong current takes you gently along a spectacular vertical wall at depths ranging from 40 to 80 feet, you will be delighted by the fascinating array of colourful sponges and corals. Catch a glimpse of a sea turtle or drift through a thick school of Creole Wrasse, The Wall is a different dive everyday.

Situated just south of Anse La Ray, Coral Gardens is sheltered dive site to a depth of 50 feet. It features a vast array of sponges, hard and soft corals, many juvenile fish species as well as Trunkfish amongst the finger coral.

Also situated south of Anse La Raye, Rosemond’s Trench is one of our favorite dive sites, as it has many things to offer the novice and experienced diver alike. Consisting of a huge labyrinth of reefs, this site provides a home to many shy and less commonly seen reef creatures. At a depth of 35 feet, this reef is home to several large Puffer Fish, Spotted Morays and the exceedingly docile and rarely seen Golden Spotted eel. On the adjacent sandy bottom, Flying Gumards are frequently observed along with skates and the rare Spotted Eagle Ray. This reef is also home to many Scorpion Fish, and features a very interesting tunnel filled with Squirrelfish. Night dives are most likely to find a sleeping Green Turtle among the sponges.

Further south, the Anse Chastanet reef is now a protected marine park. Its distinguishing feature is the presence of small shallow caves, home to perhaps the single greatest variety of marine life in the Caribbean. Resident schools of Squids, Goat fish, Parrot fish, Chromis, Wrasses have gotten used to divers over the years. Look carefully and you’ll also see Moray eels, Seahorses and Frogfish. Don’t forget your camera.

Nearby, the wall plummets down to 140 feet, however our dives will suspend you at 50 to 60 feet where the coral ledge sparkle with ruby sea whips, pink anemones, lacy corals, teal vases sponges, and crimson rope sponges. Did we warn you about the Crabs, Lobsters, Trumpet fish, Peppermint-stick Lobster, Black bar Soldier fish, Brown Chromis, Batfish, Peacock Flounders, Flying Gurnards, Moray eels, and Margates that inhabit the area? The more experienced divers will enjoy the larger fish, black corals and porcelain-like plate corals at 100 feet.

Fairyland is outside the Anse Chastanet cove and is best done as a drift dive. Subject to occasional strong currents, this area has outstanding visibility and vibrant corals. The plateau slopes from 40 to 60 feet and his strewn with huge boulders. Finger corals, anemones and lavender tube sponges attached to rocks with plenty of nooks and crannies for fish and invertebrates.

“Le Trou du Diable” or “Devil’s hole” is also a fascinating location. Between 40 and 60 feet, you’ll find a steep slope with large barrel sponges and well developed coral heads. Blue Chromis and Grunts abound, among the maze of coral canyons.

Located just outside our very own Marigot Bay, you’ll find the wreck of the Angelina, a small inter island Coaster resting upright in 60 feet of water just offshore from a colorful reef. Today the Angelina is home to two of the largest French Angelfish ever observed in St. Lucia and this area is an excellent site for antique bottle hunting as Marigot was once a refuge for the British fleet of Men of War. Legends tell of buried treasures, but we guarantee a treasure trove of memories.

We could tell you more, but that would spoil the fun. Time to put on that mask and those fins!!!

A Few Things that Await You at The Villa On The Bay

What a Place!!! What a View!!! What a Deal!!! This Villa On The Bay is truly a different holiday experience: affordable, comfortable, peaceful, quiet, unfussy and unpretentious…. Far away from expensive luxury villas and anonymous all-inclusive resorts. A unique and off-the-beaten-path to stay. We’ll be back!!!     Tom, Sue… and the family! New York, July 2017